Thanh Ha's real name is Tru+o+ng Thi. Minh Ha`, although she uses Thanh Ha` professionally for its meaning "Gio`ng So^ng Xanh" or Teal River. She was born on March 18 in Da Nang, but moved to Saigon where she attended Tran Phu High School. According to Thanh Ha, some of her fondest memories were in school, spending time with her classmates camping and living a life of a student.

In 1991, during a beauty contest in a refugee camp in the Philippines, she sang for the first time in front of an audience as part of the talent competition. She won a $150 prize and discovered to her surprise that many people liked her voice. That same year, she resettled in Utica New York, but soon found that there are more opportunities in the West Coast so she moved to Southern California where she still resides today.

Thanh Ha has always liked to sing, but did not receive much encouragement from her family. To her, singing is such a lovable profession because it allows her bring interest to life. When she performs, she draws from her love of her mother and her fans. Thanh Ha's first professional appearance was in Hawaii in 1994. Thanh Ha became a phenomenal star almost overnight after she started recording for Diem Xua Productions. She appreciates Khanh Ha's work for her talent and she likes to listen to Jazz for its complexity both from the listener and the performer's stand point.

Thanh Ha has appeared in many clubs and concerts all over the world. Her favorite songs are The Power of Love and A^n Ti`nh Mong Manh since both brought her great success as she performed them for the first time on video. As for her most memorable moment on stage, Thanh Ha claims to hold her performance in Australia dearest to her heart as the audience there were greatly appreciative and receptive. She is very open and often meets with fans to chat after her performances. In her spare time, she often works out or rehearses.

Thanh Ha's latest project will be a collaborative effort with Don Ho and a solo album to be released sometime in September 1997. She will leave for Australia in October and will be in Europe in December. She really does not have any favorite place as she likes all locales where there are fans of music and those who wish to watch her perform. Her only wish is to have good health so that she can continue to perform and sing forever!

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