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Duy Quang's real name is Pham Duy Quang and he chose to use his given name Duy Quang as a stage name. He was born on April 11, 1951 in Bach Mai, Ha Noi, and moved to Saigon in the 50's with his family. The family lived in Gia Dinh prefecture where Duy Quang attended Dat Duc high school.

Born to a family of musicians, Duy Quang's father is the renown musician Pham Duy. His mother is singer Thai Hang and his aunt is the famous songstress Thai Thanh. His brothers Duy Minh, Duy Hung, and Duy Cuong are all accomplished musicians who were part of The Dreamers. His other famous siblings are singers Thai Thao, Thai Hien, and Thai Hanh. In 1978, Duy Quang moved to France to live for a year before moving to the United States to settle in 1979. He has lived in Midway City, California since his arrival and now considers this city his permanent home.

Being part of a musical dynasty, Duy Quang began singing at the age of five and mastered musical theories by the time he was ten. He has had no professional training and basically learned as he went along. Some of Duy Quang's childhood friends and musical colleagues include such famous personalities as: Trung Nghi~a, Quo^'c Du~ng, Tra^`n Va(n Ta`i, and Ba?o Cha^'n etc. Duy Quang is gifted in music as he can play the Mandolin, the guitar, bass guitar, the drums as well as the piano. Beyond these god-given talents Duy Quang also enjoys dabbling with painting and drawing as his caricatures and drawings used to appear on his old school's newspaper.

Duy Quang's first public appearance was in 1965 when he sang in a variety show put together by his school to support the soldiers at the front. In 1967, a band needed a bass player to perform in an American base and he was recruited for the task and hence began the career of one of Vietnam's most productive singers. However, Duy Quang considers 1968 as the official christening of his career as a musician, since it was during this year that he actually was hired to sing regularly at various American clubs in south Vietnam. As he recalled, his first payment was 200 Vietnamese "dong", which he said was quite substantial at the time as it only costs 10 dong for a movie ticket at REX theater (Saigon's in place for the young set).

Duy Quang grew up in an era where the prevalent musical genre of the day was Rock and groups such as the Beatles and the Shadows are some of his all time favorites. Duy Quang is a romantic so he is swayed toward the ballads and soft rock and claims that his style is very much influenced by the aforementioned groups. He tends not to listen to Hard Rock and Rap. His two sources of inspiration come from those he performs with - namely the band and from the audience with whom he is trying to reach. According to Duy Quang, if the band is a top notch group, his level of performance will be elevated. On the same token, if the audience's energy is strong and positive, he claims that this also heightens his performance.

In his illustrious career, Duy Quang has performed many songs. Like many veteran singers, he has built quite a portfolio of so called signature songs. Those he is most proud of are: Em Hie^`n Nhu+ Ma Soeur, Tha` Nhu+ Gio.t Mu+a, Chi? Chu+`ng A^'y Tho^i, Hai Na(m Ti`nh La^.n DDa^.n, Ti`nh Khu'c Buo^`n, Tru'c DDa`o, DDa`n Ba`, and DDu+a Em Ti`m DDo^.ng Hoa Va`ng. He is also most proud of these songs because he is the original performer.

Duy Quang has visited many stages in his career, yet his most memorable performance as he recalled, was his performance on Christmas Eve, 1987 in Washington DC. On that memorable night, Duy Quang performed in front of 1,800 understanding people, because they put up with the fact that the sound system and the lighting wasn't adequate and the promoter was about to call the whole thing off. Yet, despite this terrible condition, the audience stayed until the end while Duy Quang performed with a back-up system that wasn't really of professional quality.

Having been in the entertainment field for a long time, Duy Quang enjoys a fan base that literally spans the globe. These fans often stop by to visit him backstage. He also receives phone calls and letters from all over the world. He is especially touched by letters from Vietnam. As of this publication, Duy Quang does not have an email address yet. He can be reached at:

14682 Hunter Lane
Midway City, CA 92655

In his free time, Duy Quang likes to go bike riding or read a good book. He likes to eat pho+?, ba'nh cuo^'n and co+m ta^'m. He likes to drink water and beer.

In the next six months, Duy Quang will come out with 4 CDs. They involve collaborative works with Ngo.c Lan, Hu+o+ng Lan, Elvis Phu+o+ng and Thanh Ha`.His long term goal is to become a wealthy person with a lot of free time to help his family and those close to him.

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